Indian diaspora has proved its worth as one of the most influential, responsible and prosperous communities the world over. Punjabi is now the 3rd language in Canada, Yoga is what keeps most Americans healthy and the famous Indian butter chicken makes people the world over, lick their fingers with delight. Even the White House lights up every year for Deepawali.

The truth is that creativity cannot be confined by our borders, right talent deserves the right opportunity, without which it remains just a dream. For centuries Indian travelers have been exploring unchartered territories, taking India to the world. Indian monks spread Buddhism across the south Asia, while Ravi Shankar enthralled the world by teaming up with the Beatles.

Fast forward to 2017, India is now home to 1.3 crore outbound passengers annually who are crossing the Indian frontiers for travel and work. Each one of them requires one basic thing without which no journey can be imagined, that’s a VISA!!

To get your “Visa Approval”, you need to go through the complex, the often confusing process of document collection, application and Interview process. What makes this even more complex are the ever-changing rules and procedures of various countries big and small. Sudden political shifts, disease outbreaks, and terrorism challenges can often force certain countries to upscale immigration checks catching us off guard.

Overall we have found this to be an overwhelming experience for not only young travelers, students but also experienced professionals with hectic work schedules. One tiny slip can take away your “once in a lifetime” opportunity.

What you need is an experienced hand, a tool that allows you to sit back and relax, taking care of all the uncertainties. VISA-fy aims to streamline and connect all the important dots for you with our time-proven workflows, stage to stage guidance and 24*7 support.

Our Key Members:
Dalbir Singh (Partner)
Rekha Bhardwaj (Partner)
Deepak Bhardwaj (Team Lead)

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