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    A visa refusal is the rejection of the application for a non-immigrant visa by the immigration authorities. The immigration authorities are called the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration and it falls under the Ministry of Justice and Police. It handles all issues related to the immigration and citizenships applications.

    Norway is also a signatory to the Schengen Agreement and has a common visa policy. The visa would cost you around 60 euros and you are advised to apply for the visa at least three weeks prior to the scheduled travel to avoid delays. The visa refusal rate for Norway for the New Delhi Consulate was 6.80% out of the total 14,370 applications received by the Consulate in 2017.

    The reasons for visa refusal can be numerous and will surely be outlined by the Embassy in the official refusal letter.

    The most common reasons are that the correct documents have not been submitted, the purpose of visit and the intention to return are not clear, the applicant has a past criminal record, the previous issues with obtaining the Schengen visa are not resolved, the funds to cover the expenses of the stay are not sufficient, the travel insurance coverage is inadequate, the passport is invalid, the letter of reference is not valid, certain documents are forged or not presented in the correct manner.

    The solutions to visa refusal are that the applicant can either appeal the decision or re-apply. The fee paid for the visa application is non-refundable as it includes the fee for examining the application as well.

    The appeal needs to be made to the Embassy within three weeks and in the format prescribed in the official refusal letter. If your application has been rejected then you are normally giving a deadline before which you will have to leave the country and if you wish to stay while the Embassy or the UDI considers your appeal you can apply for this with the Embassy and this is known as a deferred implementation of the decision.

    If you think that you have no valid grounds for appealing the decision you will have to file for a fresh application after meeting the reasons for refusal.

    Norway which is a Scandinavian country is covered with mountains, glaciers, and is known for fishing, hiking, skiing, and is one of the favored destinations for the immigrants. The application process for obtaining the visa is not easy and one should always be cautious about it but if your visa application is rejected you need not get upset as the solutions are quite straightforward and an appeal made in the right manner can probably solve the problem.

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