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    A visa refusal is the rejection of the application for a non-immigrant visa by the immigration authorities. The immigration authorities of the Netherlands are called the Immigration and Naturalization Service and it falls under the Ministry of Justice and Security. It handles the applications of the foreign nationals who want to live in the country, the refugees, and the applicants who want to become Dutch citizens.

    The Netherlands is also a signatory to the Schengen Agreement and has a common visa policy. The visa refusal rate for the country for the New Delhi Consulate was the highest and stood at 11.80% in 2017 for a total of 26,972 applications received by it and it was the lowest for the Bangalore Consulate which stood at 3.60% for a total of 11,333 applications received by it.

    The Netherland visa would cost you around 60 euros and it is advised to apply at least three weeks prior to your scheduled travel to avoid any delays.

    The reasons for visa refusal for the Netherlands are the same as that for a Schengen visa refusal and the same are outlined in the official refusal letter.

    The most common factors are that the purpose of visit and the intention to return are not clear, the documents submitted are not in the correct order, the funds to cover the expenses are not sufficient, the travel insurance coverage is not adequate, the applicant has a past record of criminal instances, the applicant has had previous issues with the Schengen visa application, the passport is not valid.

    All is not lost if your visa application has been denied. So, relax as there is still hope. The solutions to visa refusal are quite straightforward and you can either appeal the decision or re-apply.

    The official refusal letter will specify the reasons for the refusal as well as the procedures and deadlines for submitting the appeal. The appeal needs to be filed with the Embassy. It is advised to appeal only if the circumstances which caused the refusal are still the same and the applicant has valid grounds for appealing the decision.

    If the applicant does not want to appeal then he/she must file for a fresh application after meeting the reasons for refusal.

    It is often observed that the visa application got refused even though the applicant took all the right measures and filled the application with great caution because of the advice given by the visa agent was not authentic. Thus, before applying for a visa make sure to take guidance from qualified and experienced advisors and if your visa application got rejected then make sure that while reapplying you make the necessary changes to address them. You would not want to make the same mistake twice.

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