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    A visa refusal is the rejection of the application for a non-immigrant visa by the immigration authorities.

    Belgium’s immigration authorities come under the department of Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs and are responsible for the immigration policies, visa application, and refusal services.The Belgian visa would cost you 60 euros and the visa application process can take up to four weeks. The refusal rate for the Belgian visa was 3.30% in 2017. Belgium is also a signatory to the Schengen Agreement

    In India, the Belgian visa is issued by the Embassy of India in New Delhi and the Consulate General in Mumbai. The Schengen visa is issued by them only if the maximum period of stay for your travel is Belgium. You are advised to apply at least 3 weeks prior to your travel and are allowed to apply 90 days before your travel.

    It should be noted that the fee for visa application is non-refundable in case your visa is denied.

    The reasons for visa refusal will be mentioned in the letter that you receive from the Embassy/Consulate. The most common reasons are that documents are not submitted in the correct order, the passport is invalid or forged, the funds specified do not cover the expenses for the travel, the criminal records are not mentioned, there have been previous issues with the immigration authorities, the letter of reference mentioned is not valid.

    The applicant has two viable options in case of visa refusal, which is either he/she can appeal or file for a fresh application.

    If the applicants think that the reasons for visa refusal are justified then they should reapply and meet the reasons specified by the Embassy/Consulate. There is no time gap in which the candidate has to file the fresh application.

    In case the applicants think that there are valid grounds to make an appeal. The appeal letter/remonstration letter needs to be made to the embassy of the member state which is the destination of travel, in this case, it being Belgium Embassy. The appeal should be made within one month of the receipt of the rejection letter.

    Belgium is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe and people go there for various purposes, but the Schengen visa is also one of the most difficult visas to be obtained. The applicant must ensure that the application is filled correctly, preparation for the interview is thorough and in case of visa refusal, the appeal or fresh application is filled in a satisfactory manner. It is always advised to contact qualified advisors who can provide expert advice with every step of the way.

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