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    A visa refusal is the rejection of the application for a non-immigrant visa by the immigration authorities. The Ministry of Interior of Latvia is the leading institution under the Home Affairs sector to handle matters related to immigration and citizenship in the country. The Latvian visa would cost you around 60 euros and one is advised to consult the immigration authorities at least three weeks prior to your scheduled travel to avoid any delays.

    The visa refusal rate for Latvia was rather high and it stood at 27% for the New Delhi Consulate in 2017. Latvia is also a signatory to the Schengen Agreement and has a common visa policy.

    The reasons for visa refusal for Latvia would be mentioned in the official refusal letter and if it is not detailed, then you can request for the same from the Embassy.

    The most common factors are that the advice given by the visa agents was not authentic, the purpose of visit and the intention of returning to the home country is not clear, the funds to meet the expenses are not sufficient, the passport is invalid, the criminal history is not disclosed, the travel insurance is not adequately covered, the applicant has a bad record in relation to the Schengen visa or an alert has been issued against the applicant.

    The visa for Latvia may be refused for a variety of reasons and in case the visa has been denied, the applicant has two viable options, that is, he/she can either appeal or re-apply.

    The appeal needs to be filed with the Embassy of Latvia and in the format that has been specified in the official refusal letter. It needs to be filed within 30 days of the receipt of the refusal letter and should be filed only if the applicant has valid grounds for appealing against the decision.

    If the applicant has no valid grounds or the time to wait for the decision of the appeal, then he/she can file for a fresh application after making sure that he/she has met with the reasons for the refusal.

    Whenever a candidate applies for a visa, the fee paid for visa application is not refunded in case the visa has been denied. A Schengen visa does not guarantee access to all the member states as that is subject to further scrutiny at the borders. The final decision of visa application depends on the Embassy and one can never be given a 100% guarantee to get a visa and so the applicant needs to ensure that the visa application is filled correctly after taking the due advice of the visa agents.

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