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    An Australian visa refusal document is handed out to an applicant when he/she is denied a visa. The immigration authorities give back your visa application and attach a refusal letter along with it.

    The immigration authority of Australia is the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/). They come under the Department of Home Affairs. They handle immigration and citizenship applications.

    There are around 5 million visitor/tourist visa applications that Australia receives each year. The refusal rate for a tourist visa is 255 refusals per 1000 applications. We help you through the australian tourist visa rejected reapply process. For assistance, reach out to us via contact form or give us a call!

    When they deny your visa, you are also given the reasons for refusal. These are in the refusal letter attached along with the returned application.

    It is important to know that the fee for the visa application is not refunded even if your visa is denied. The reasons for a tourist visa refusal are usually the same in most countries. Though there are some of the reasons which are particular to this country.

    These reasons are-

    • Applying for the wrong type of visa (Australia has more than 140 types of visas)
    • Overstayed on your previous visa
    • You do not meet Australia’s health requirements, i.e. you are a financial drain in terms of medical costs.
    • Failing to meet Australia’s character requirements, i.e., you have a criminal record of any sort.
    • You do not have sufficient funds to cover the expenses of your travel.
    • You have not submitted all the documents required.
    • Failing to pass the interview.

    If you have been denied a visa and you feel that the reason mentioned by the authorities is not sufficient, then you can appeal for a review of the visa refusal in a Tribunal. The place where you make an appeal is the Migration and Refugee Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

    There are strict time limits within which you have to make an appeal. This depends on the reasons for the denial. If the Tribunal decides that your application for review is invalid, you are refunded the entire amount.

    If you withdraw the application, you are refunded a limited amount.

    If you are denied a visa on character grounds (criminal record), you have to make an appeal within nine days from the date of the decision.

    If you make an appeal for review at the Tribunal and you lose, then you can make a further appeal to the Federal Court which is your last resort. You can do this only if you think that the Tribunal made a legal mistake in handling your case.

    The fee of visa application is no doubt a high one. If you do not get the visa, the fee to make an appeal is also high. So you need to be very careful at the time of applying for a visa and later when you make an appeal.

    It is best that you take advice from experts who can handle your application and help you make an appeal if needed.

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