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    Austria visa refusal is the rejection of the application for a non-immigrant visa by the immigration authorities of Austria. 

    The immigration issues are handled by the Austrian Embassy and the Austrian Federal Ministry.

    It is rather interesting to note that citizens of the European Union and some other countries are exempt from the obligation of obtaining an Austrian visa. Austria is also a signatory to the Schengen Agreement and thus one can travel freely through the entire Schengen zone. 

    In 2017, Indians ranked the fourth highest with the most Schengen visa applications submitted at the consulates within India. Austria is the country that issued the highest number of Multiple Entry Visas (MEVs) to Indians and it had a 6.90% visa refusal rate.

    The authorities refuse to hand out a visa for a variety of reasons but the most common factors are that the correct documents are not supplied, the documents are not presented in the correct format, specified evidence is missing, following advice from family or friends rather than a qualified advisor, non-disclosure of the previous immigration issues, applying for the wrong type of visa.

    It could also be because the applicant has insufficient funds for a trip to Austria, the applicant does not have a valid passport or travel document, withholding documentation on criminal record if any, he doesn’t have strong ties in his home country that will encourage him to leave Austria, he doesn’t have a dependable source of income in his home country, his purpose of stay isn’t mentioned or isn’t credible.

    The helpless, insulting, and disheartening situation of visa refusal which destroys your plans for a business trip or a vacation to Austria can be resolved with the following remedies:

    The candidate can either appeal, apply for a review, or re-apply. The applicant can make an appeal against the refusal of the visa under Article 32(3) of the Visa Code. The appeal has to be made against the Member State that made the final decision of refusal which in this case would be Austria and he/she should be sure that the decision was incorrect and there was no reason for rejection. The applicant then has to write an Appeal Letter to be submitted to the Austrian Embassy, the decision of which can at times take up to 12 months and so it is not advised in case your visit is urgent or time-bound.

    The candidate can alternatively send his/her case for reconsideration or start a fresh application.

    *This is an indicative list. Extra documents may be needed as per the case requirements.

    Thus, the Austrian Visa Refusal which actually comes under the Schengen Visa Refusal has a low rate of rejection but it still should be handled with care. The guidance of qualified advisors always helps as they deeply understand as to what the visa officers are looking for and can guide you on the application process and fee payment methods.

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