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    The reasons for visa refusal are on the same lines like that for a Schengen visa and the same are outlined in detail in the official visa refusal letter.

    The most common factors behind visa refusal are that the incorrect application has been filled due to the wrong advice was given by the visa agent, incorrect documents have been submitted, the applicant is facing financial troubles and the funds to cover the expenses of the travel are not sufficient, the travel insurance coverage has not been met, the applicant has past records of criminal history but had purposely not disclosed them, the applicant has shared inappropriate information, the applicant has a bad history for Schengen visa, the purpose of visit and the intention to return are not clear, the passport is invalid, the letter of reference is invalid.

    The solutions for visa refusal are also the same like that for a Schengen visa and the two viable options are that the candidate can either appeal or re-apply.

    The appeal needs to be filed within 30 days of the receipt of the refusal letter and in the format specified in the refusal letter. It has to be filed with the Embassy of Liechtenstein.

    The applicant can file for a fresh application if he/she does not have any valid grounds for filing an appeal. The application should meet all the reasons for the refusal.

    Liechtenstein is a German-speaking country known for its medieval castles, alpine landscapes, and villages with the capital as Vaduz, a cultural and financial center. The application for this country needs to be made when the main purpose of the travel and the longest duration of the stay is to be in Liechtenstein. The application and the interview are not that easy and should be handled with care after taking the due advice of qualified visa agents.

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