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    A visa refusal is the rejection of the application for a non-immigrant visa by the immigration authorities. (Learn more at— UK VISA REFUSAL SERVICES LINK—INTERLINKING THE ARTICLES)

    The Spain immigration authorities are called the Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores. The visa application process usually takes up to one to four weeks and costs 60 euros. Spain issues a very low number of Multiple Entry Visas to the applicants.

    Spain is a signatory to the Schengen Agreement along with 26 European states, according to which the Schengen area acts as a single jurisdiction for international travel purposes with a common visa policy. The Schengen Visa allows you to stay up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes. However, if your main destination for travel is Spain, then you need to contact the Spain Embassy appointed facilitation service for visa application and refusal process. (https://blsspainvisa.com/)

    The authorities refuse to hand out a visa for a variety of reasons but the most common factors are that correct documents are not submitted, the applicant has past or current criminal records, the purpose of travel is not credible, the passport is damaged or invalid, the candidate is not able to prove the proper plan of travel, the letter of reference is invalid, insufficient funds to cover the expenses for the duration of stay, invalid travel insurance, the marriage certificate is unacceptable or forged, lacking a proof of accommodation, non-disclosure of previous immigration issues, a bad history with the Schengen Visa application.

    The reasons for refusal to a visa are properly highlighted in the report of resolution and if the applicant thinks that the reasons are unjustified or invalid, they can appeal to the High Court of Justice of Madrid (Spain) within two months of the receipt of the rejection letter.

    It should also be noted that a visa is no guarantee for access to the Schengen states as the final authorization remains with the immigration officer at the border.

    If the candidate has no grounds for appeal, then he/she will have to file a fresh application.

    The Schengen Visa is the most difficult one to obtain and one should always apply for it as early as possible. It always helps to take the guidance of qualified advisors before application or at the time of visa refusal.

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