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    A visa refusal is the rejection of the application for a non-immigrant visa by the immigration authorities. The Danish Immigration Authority comes under the jurisdiction of the Danish Ministry of Refugees, Immigration, and Integration Affairs.

    The Danish Alien Act is administered by the service which basically means that it handles applications related to asylum, family reunification, visas, work permits, etc. The Danish visa would cost you around 60 euros and one is advised to apply for the same at least three weeks in advance. Denmark is a signatory to the Schengen Agreement and has a common visa policy.

    It should be noted that a single-entry visa will allow you to enter the Schengen area once and you can freely travel within the Schengen states but once you are out of the area your visa would expire.

    Denmark issued 15,767 multiple entry visas in 2017, out of a total application of 17,921 visas. The visa refusal rate for Denmark in the New Delhi Consulate was 3.10% in 2017.

    Why does a Schengen visa refuse?

    The justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided: This the most common ground for refusal as it entails the failure of a candidate to demonstrate the social, economic conditions of the candidate. Sufficient proof of subsistence for the duration of the intended stay or for the return to the country of origin or residence was not highlighted properly.

    False/ counterfeit/ forged travel documents were presented for obtaining visas.

    The requisite documents as highlighted by the checklist were not submitted.

    The family tie-up was not clearly demonstrated (spouse, minor children, guardian-unions etc.)

    The professional binding to the country of the application was not clearly demonstrated, like the existence of a fixed employment relationship or successful business. Moreover, economic tie’s like regular income from rents or real estate assets was missing.

    No Leave entitlement was attached during applying visa

    Presence of a valid visa on the passport

    Flight and hotel reservation was canceled during the visa application process.

    Insufficient evidence of financial means for the duration of stay.

    Already stayed for 90 days during the current 180-day period.

    The applicant is considered as a threat to public policy, internal security, public health as defined in Article 2(19) of Regulation (EC) No 562/2006 (Schengen Borders Code) or the international relations of one or more of the member states).

    Contradictory statements have been made in the application with respect to supporting documents.

    A negative entry in the Central Register of Foreigners exists. As long as this remains, it is usually not possible to grant a visa.

    Valid & adequate travel medical insurance was not provided.

    The Embassy of Denmark and the visa application center cannot guarantee the issuance of visa and it can be decided only after scrutiny of the documents. The visa application fee is non-refundable.

    In case your visa has been denied you have two options. You can either appeal or re-apply.

    The refusals made by the Embassy are usually automatically sent for a review (appeal) to the Danish Immigration Service and in case it is not done, then the individual would have to initiate the appeal himself/herself and the instructions for filing the appeal are clearly mentioned in the official refusal letter handed out by the Embassy.

    The application can be re-opened if the rejection was issued based on insufficient information and the facts and circumstances that prevailed at the time of the decision still remain. Else, the applicant will have to file a fresh application.

    There is no time gap for a fresh application to be made but it is crucial that it meets all the reasons for refusal.

    It is interesting to note that if you are an Australian or a New Zealand National then you are considered a visa-free national by the Danish immigration authorities and in other cases, you would be required to obtain a visa. The visa application process should be handled with care as rejection is a blot on your immigration history reducing your future chances to obtain a visa.

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