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    Canada ranks highest in government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, and economic freedom and so, many Indians and especially the Punjabi’s wish to travel or have a temporary stay in the country.

    But everyone’s wish doesn’t come true as many are not given the visa that one needs to travel to Canada. After all, the immigration authorities are not a wish-granting factory.

    The Canadian immigration authorities which were the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has been renamed Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that handles matters dealing with immigration to Canada, refugees, and Canadian citizenship.

    A candidate applying for the visa needs to meet all the criteria laid down by the immigration authorities. When such criteria aren’t met, the visa may be refused. There are many reasons on why the applicant didn’t get the visa but the most common factors for a visa refusal are as follows:

    All the documents required are not submitted, the candidate has a history of violating the immigration laws, the applicant is not able to prove that he/she will leave Canada once the intended period of stay is over, he does not have enough funds to support his expenses during his stay, he doesn’t have strong ties in his home country that will encourage him to leave Canada, he doesn’t have a dependable source of income in his home country, his purpose of stay isn’t mentioned or isn’t credible.

    The three main options that one can consider after a visa refusal are— appeal, reconsideration, and re-application.

    The candidate can appeal if he/she thinks that the immigration officer made an incorrect decision, acted against the law or outside his/her jurisdiction by refusing your visa application. In case of a visitor visa, the applicant has to appeal through the Judicial Review in Federal Court of Canada and in case of permanent residency or refugees, one has to appeal through the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD).

    If you think that your visa was refused due to insufficient or misunderstood information, you can request the authorities to reconsider your case. You will have to supply additional or clarifying information for reconsideration.

    The last option is to re-apply in which case you will submit extra information with a completely new application. This option is ideal if your personal situation has changed since your last application.

    Thus, the frustrating and daunting situation of a visa refusal can be handled in a very logical and sophisticated manner if you approach it the right way. It is always better to take the help of qualified advisors at the time of a visa application as well as at the time of visa refusal, as they are in a position where they can offer you expert advice which can increase your chances of getting the visa.

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