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    A visa refusal is the denial of a visa to an applicant based on certain reasons. It is a rejection of the application for a non-immigrant visa by the immigration authorities. These reasons are in the refusal letter that the authorities give you at the time of refusal.

    The immigration authority is known as the New Zealand Immigration Service. They handle border control, travel visas, and immigration to New Zealand. (

    The New Zealand refusal rate for Indian applicants in the year 2018 was 32%. This has fallen from the highs of 2015 and 2016 when it stood at 51% and 54% respectively. (

    The reasons for a tourist visa refusal of New Zealand are fairly common as with the other countries. The fee paid by you towards the visa application will not be refunded in case of refusal.

    Some of these reasons are as follows:

    • Your intention to return to the home country is not sufficient
    • You do not have enough funds to cover the expenses of your trip
    • You have not submitted the correct documents
    • You have not applied for the correct visa type that suits your purpose
    • You have failed the health (you are a financial drain in terms of medical costs) or character requirements (you have a criminal record of any sort).
    • You have forged the documents

    If you think that the reason for New Zealand visa refusal is not legally correct or unjustified, you can lodge an appeal for review. The authority that handles the appeal is the Immigration and Protection Tribunal (IPT).

    You need to make an appeal within 14 calendar days from the date of the refusal decision.

    You can make an appeal to IPT only if:

    • You are in New Zealand when you make the request
    • You still hold a valid visa- it could be an interim visa

    You will not be deported until the authority is reviewing their decision.

    If you do not have any grounds for making an appeal, you need to file a fresh application. If the IPT has denied your appeal, you will have to leave New Zealand immediately. You do not have any other resort but to file for a fresh application.

    The fee for visa application and the fee for lodging an appeal are expensive. You should, therefore, be  careful with your application. The rates of tourist visa refusal are on the decline and so it would not be a bad idea to apply to this country.

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