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    The French immigration authorities are called the French Immigration and Integration Office (FIIO).

    The Indian nationals are the citizens whose interest to visit Europe and the respective Schengen states increases every year and in 2017 they ranked the fourth group with the most visa applications submitted at the Schengen consulates and France remains the top country to be visited by Indians. Out of the 2,01,161 visa applications received by the Schengen consulates, 1,79,749 were issued by the French Embassy. (

    France like other European countries is also a signatory to the Schengen Agreement and has a common visa policy. (Learn more at—SPAIN VISA REFUSAL SERVICES—INTERLINKING ARTICLES)

    France visa rejection reasons are the same as the reasons for Schengen visa refusal. There can be a number of reasons as to why the visa was denied to the applicant and a copy of the detailed reasons can be occupied from the embassy.

    The most common reasons as to why the visa was denied are that the applicant submitted incorrect or forged documents, the purpose of travel is not explicitly stated, he/she does not have sufficient funds to support the expenses for stay, the passport is invalid or forged, the applicant has previous immigration issues with the Schengen visa, they have purposely withheld the criminal records, or have taken the advice of family or friends and thus submitted the wrong information to the immigration officers.

    The solution to France visa refusal is also the same as other Schengen states. (LINK TO THER ARTICLES—INTERLINKING) The final decision would always remain with the immigration authorities but the applicant who has been denied the visa can appeal or re-apply.

    The applicant has the right to appeal and the appeal needs to be filed with the French embassy within one month of the receipt of the decision. The appeal should be filed if the candidate has valid grounds for rejecting the decision of the authorities and the appeal can take up to 12 months to be resolved and thus this decision is not advised if your visit is time bound.

    If the applicants do not have valid reasons to appeal the decision for refusal then they would have to file a fresh application and submit additional information as required by the authorities.

    The number of the Multiple Entry Visas (MEVs) issued by France is quite low and in 2017 it issued only 22,073 MEVs out of the total 1,79,749 visas that its consulates issued in India. The visa refusal rates for France varied in the different consulates with the lowest being in Kolkata at 2.5% and the highest being in New Delhi at 15.9% Though this may not specifically indicate anything but it is always better to obtain the guidance of qualified advisors before applying for a visa and at the time of rejection.

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