How to Check Your Schengen Visa Chances

How to Check Your Schengen Visa Chances

A Schengen visa permits the qualified people to travel uninhibitedly inside the 26 Schengen Area nations. Schengen Visa permits you to travel to the Schengen nations for different purposes like travel, visiting relatives and also for business purposes.

To access your Schengen visa chances, the first thing to have in mind is collecting the right list of documents and reports ready with you. Schengen visa process experiences a ton of checking at the Embassy and all your archives are altogether verified at different stages. Therefore, you should give a decent time to list down, assemble, submit your documents. How to check your Schengen visa chances? Well, by following the rules you can get the most on your application. Other than this, here are a few important tips to get your approval on the Schengen visa:

1. Your ID is your Face

Provide all the governmental-issued/ legal IDs as and when asked by the authorities. Make sure your passport isn’t lapsing at any point in the near future. Moreover, present all the documents in a sorted manner.

2. Every Proof Accounts

Give a lot of proof as you can. It will give the authorities a solid confirmation of the documents that you are attempting to demonstrate genuineness or validity. Indeed, over-delivering is constantly something beneficial for you.

3. Travel History Matters

Show that you are well-traveled. The stamps on your passport will lend a positive impact on your visa application. It will send them a message that you have gone to another country previously and have returned back within the given time frame. It shows that you have never outstayed abroad and thus authorities will be convinced for your genuineness.

Schengen Visa Requirements For Indians

4. Rules are Meant to be Followed

Make it a point to read the rules clearly and carefully which are given on the official website of the Schengen visa. Moreover, just submit genuine records. Don’t submit counterfeit or ‘modified’ records. There’s a high possibility that you won’t just get denied, but will also be restricted to apply in the future in case the authorities find out about any wrong manipulations done by you deliberately.

5. Check Eligibility & Category

Apply for the right visa and try to find out about the procedures that will guarantee approval. For example, do not start your application without checking your initial eligibility through a certified visa agent. Taking the right way is important to get your approval on the Schengen visa.


Kindly don’t be one of those individuals who disregard the visa guidelines and conditions since that would paint you in a terrible light. Note that we are not promoting being untruthful, we suggest never to lie about anything in your application. Yet, be serious even while providing the minutest of detail. I hope these tips would help you on how to check your Schengen visa chances over your next application.

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