Why You Need to Give Details Of The Nature Of The Household

When applying for a partner visa there are extra certain details that need to be proved and shared with the authorities apart from the general information. Details regarding the nature of the household are one of them. Read further to know what it entails.

The Nature of the Household

In order to obtain a partner visa, one needs to share details of the nature of the household. This basically means that you need to write and prove as to how you and your partner live together, what do you do together and whether or not you share the responsibility for the housework.

As per the partner visa regulation, the nature of the household includes the following:

  • any joint responsibility for the care and support of children
  • the living arrangements of the persons
  • any sharing of the responsibility of the housework

Any joint responsibility for the care and support of children

The Immigration Department assumes that all married couples have children and therefore this is one of the criteria to be proved by the partner applying for a visa. However, you may not have children and so, in that case, you can also write as to how you take care of your pets which do help in establishing how your household is set up and run.

If you have children, then you need to write how you care for them and support them. They want to see how responsibility is shared.  Getting references or statements from witnesses is always considered a plus point in your application.

The living arrangements of the persons

Under these criteria, the officer in charge wants to know about your living arrangements, i.e., whether you and your partner own your own home, whether you rent, or whether you live with other people and if so then why?

The officer wants to determine the condition of living arrangements and is concerned to find out whether the relationship is a genuine one or not.

If you and your partner live with other people then he wants to make sure that you are actually in a relationship and not just housemates. That is why information regarding the nature of your household becomes important.

Any sharing of the responsibility of the housework

The officer in charge will scrutinize your sharing of the responsibility of housework not to make any judgments in how you conduct your relationship with your partner but to know how committed and genuine your relationship actually is.  The officer needs to be assured that your partner is one for life and not just some housemaid paid to do the housework.

Before writing your account of your household responsibilities make sure that you know exactly what the officer is looking for or else you may end up writing long narratives that might be genuine but not needed.

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