How Indians Have Helped in Building Australian Economy

indians in australia economy

India has the biggest diaspora with more than 13 million Indians living outside the nation. While the maximum concentration of the Indian diaspora is in the gulf countries, the popular choices among skilled Indians have always been the countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Post the trump policy and conjectures on the Brexit deal, both Canada and Australia have emerged as the powerful backing for Indians willing to immigrate. At present, noticeably, the Indian diaspora in Australia is adding up to development and financial progress of the country. From semi-skilled to highly-skilled, Indians are welcomed in the green continent. This growth of the Australian economy can be seen through 3 different groups of active Indian immigrants, i.e.,

  1. Skilled workers
  2. Students
  3. Business entrepreneurs

The skilled Indians in Australia are working in Australian firms and generating revenues for the nation. The business class is taking forward various business schemes and models that had been a success in the Indian markets. Indians are putting the knowledge into the business standards; social scene and encouraging associations with the Australian and Indian governments. The students studying in Australia are another ‘future assets’ that are going to be placed in the Australian firms. In Australia, Indian students are preparing themselves to contribute towards the economic problems of the country and that is why they are the very potential individuals who hold the capability to bring further development in the country.

The Relocation Aspect

Relocation from India to Australia expanded drastically somewhere between 2006 and 2016. The primary reason why Indians were welcomed at that time is the huge work deficiencies over the economy during Australia’s mining blast. The country of Australia back then was searching for skilled and qualified individuals who will help drive future development and help stabilize the economy. If you see a broader picture, many IT firms, medical institutions, and administrative firms today employ Indians in huge numbers and that too at the managerial level.

indians in australian economy

Grasping the commitments of our Indian diaspora, which is driving Australia’s development; it is important for the Indians to realize that the country will warmly welcome them only if they are skilled enough to work in the country. Today we are seeing many Indians willing to immigrate to Australia but are lacking the very basic requirements of educational credentials, experience in a skilled job, English capabilities, etc. On the pretext of a permanent visa to Australia, you may come across many consultancy firms in India ready to dupe you. However, to be able to settle in Australia and earn a good living there, you must take the right path.

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