Why Migrants in the UK Are Opting to Relocate to Canada?

The UK is one of the finest countries to relocate to. Many Indians have been living a life of their dreams in the British empire of the United Kingdom. Yet, in the past few years, there has been a ‘shift of preference’ in the minds of people. Many immigrants in the UK are now opting to relocate to Canada. There are a few prominent reasons for this:

1. Negligible unemployment in Canada

The Canadian economy has been growing by leaps and bound. The country is full of opportunities, especially for ITs, teachers, nurses and accountants. The grade & pay system in Canadian firms is great! The unemployment rate is negative in the country and even by any chance, if you are not employed, the Canadian government will provide you with the unemployed allowance. These facilities are lacking in the UK, as it is an established economy. In the world of economics, the developing economy is more capable of employment generation than the established economy.

2. Brexit deal

The on-going Brexit deal in Britain may lead to many economic changes in the county. There may be a direct impact on the people of the economy. Brexit is a deal that has been initiated by Great Britain, seeking to divide its territory from the European Union. Since Britain is now on the closing stage of the deal, the country will now become an independent entity. While a majority of people of Britain had voted for the separation, Indians may find it uncomfortable to immigrate to the UK at this point in time.

3. Social Security Benefits in Canada

One of the most popular attraction points in Canada is not the Nigeria fall but the social security benefits that the county provides to its Permanent Residents. Some of the popular social schemes by the country are:

  • Free healthcare services
  • Free education up to 12th standard
  • Unemployment allowances
  • Retirement benefits
  • Child allowances up to CAD 800 if your child is born in Canada

4. Zero discrimination policy in Canada

Canada is a known multi-cultured nation. People from all over the world- China, South Africa, Dubai, India, Russia, and the Americas, immigrate and settle in Canada. There is zero discrimination on the basis of color, creed, religion and cultural practices. In fact, a huge Indian community is living in the heart of Canada i.e., Manitoba province, where 3rd official language is Punjabi! What’s more, is that the Mayor of the Winnipeg city of Canada is always an elected North Indian for a decade now!

While in the UK, there still exists discrimination for Indians; Canada is a ‘home away from home’ that caters to the Indian community, their festival celebrations, religion establishments as well as community centers within.

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