7 Canadian Work Culture Facts You May Not Know

Canadian Work Culture Facts 2019

After working in India, an immigrant to Canada might find their work culture very different and liberating. So, let us know the facts of a country imbibing the true spirit of tolerance which is well prepared even for the arrival of UFOs.

1. Apology Act

It is interesting to know that politeness costs nothing in Canada. In fact, the Canadians are famous for their politeness and have even created an Apology Act which allows its citizens to apologize without fear of misinterpretation.

2. Happiness comes every two weeks

In most countries, employees are usually paid a salary at the end of the month and hence they make ends meet at the end of a month. But in Canada, the employees are paid every two weeks and so do not need reasons for celebration.

3. Lunch Boxes become a must

Americans are famous for their brown bags in which they bring their meals. Companies also provide subsidized meals in their in-built restaurants. But in Canada, there is no such thing and the food is non-subsidized. So, better take your lunch box along with you.

4. Lost in translation

Canada has two official languages- English and French. Many of them speak various other languages and have different accents. Although there is nothing to worry as the Canadians are not so picky with their languages. Communication matters more than grammar.

5. Denims to work

The Canadians wear formals on all weekdays except for Friday. They love celebrating the end of a workweek and so dress down for their Casual Fridays.

6. Breaks are not for leisure

The French are famous for their two-hour long lunch breaks but there is no such thing in Canada. These people get a 30-minute lunch break and usually eat at their desks, so you’d better eat fast.

7. Work contracts are not to be taken that seriously

Here the work contracts are no that detailed and permanent. The contracts here are rather vague and so your work schedule may change without notice. The working hours are also not guaranteed.

Flexible non-paying work schedules

If you are going to work for a customer care services company then brace yourself for a flexible work schedule which means you can be called at any time and might have to work late in the night. Do not expect to be paid for such irregular hours.


Overall, Canada with its low unemployment rate is a great country to work in and enhance your career.

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