Choose Your Agent Wisely

Choose You Agent Wisely

Have you ever faced the situation where your visa was denied and you couldn’t accurately point out the reason for the refusal? Have you ever felt cheated or duped by your visa agent on whom you placed your unconditional trust? Have you ever felt looted by the visa professionals to whom you paid lacs of money in the hopes of getting a visa? Have you ever felt like you were a part of scamming the authorities because your visa agents forged the documents?

If yes, then my dear reader you must know that you are not alone in this racket as many before you have suffered the same fate due to which their visa was denied and many have even faced the humiliation of being named as a threat to the destination country.

The Gruesome Facts

One can fully fathom the scale of the racket and understand the importance of choosing the correct visa agent only when he/she is made aware of the facts and figures that constitute the immigration industry.

  • India is the largest source of migrants abroad with 16 million of its 1.3 billion population living abroad.

  • India is the country which receives the highest remittances among other countries.

  • Inquiries about foreign citizenship by the Indians has doubled in recent years.

  • As of April 2018, there were 6,32,219 Indians waiting for their permanent residency in various countries.

  • The average visa rejection rate for Canada is 26%, the USA is 23%, the UK is 9%, and the Schengen visa is 12%

  • Every year approximately 6,00,000 Indian visa applications get rejected.

Why Do You Need to Tread With Caution?

When applying for a visa and preparing yourself for the interviews it is extremely important that you tread with caution. Let us understand why.

1. Negative Entry

It is important that you are aware of the consequences of visa rejection. Once your visa has been denied, you automatically have a negative entry in the immigration records which further reduces your chances of getting a visa in the future.

2. A Threat to National Security

When your visa has been refused and the stamp of denied has been put on your application, there are chances that you might be named or more accurately put, shamed as a threat to national security of the destination country. This humiliation can be a lot to bear.

choosing your visa agent

3. Deceiving Agents

There have many instances in the past where the applicant was denied the visa because the visa agents who filled the applications were inexperienced and did not understand the requirements of the applications correctly. The applicant was thus deceived by these agents and failed to get a visa.

4. Sunk Cost

The fee paid towards the visa applications is non-refundable whether your application has been accepted or rejected because the fee includes the money paid towards processing the applications. Thus, if you are denied the visa, then the money that you pay to the agents and for the applications is all lost.

choosing your visa agent correctly

5. Excruciating Appeals

Once your visa is denied you have only two options to remedy the refusal. You can either appeal the decision or apply for a fresh application. The process of appealing is not easy and is time-consuming which can take a psychological toll on some of the applicants.


It is thus very important that you choose your agent wisely after thorough scrutiny into the qualification and authentication of the agent. It is high time that we put a stop to these illegal activities and save ourselves from the duping agents who have mastered the art of deceiving and looting people. Our company has a highly qualified team of visa agents which has helped many customers to travel in a legal and dignified manner.

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