Why should illegal immigration be avoided by Indians to the UK


Illegal immigration has been a hot button issue for many years now but with the rising wave of nationalism and the uncontrolled migration faced by the developed western countries, the issue has snowballed and become a political controversy, a sensitive issue that everybody and nobody wants to broach.

The UK is a first world country that is highly developed, a high-income country with a very high HDI. It is one of the top destinations for illegal immigrants with 1.4% of the country’s population estimated to consist of illegal immigrants.

What is illegal immigration?

Immigration refers to a person traveling abroad for temporary stay or permanent residence and illegal immigration refers to the migrating to a foreign country in ways that violate the laws of immigration of that country, usually by forging documents or being smuggled across the borders where they have to beg, borrow or steal to survive.

Why should illegal immigration be avoided?

The illegal immigrants have come to be called by various names like illegal aliens, kabuters, faujis, or simply illegals who are lured by the fantasies of a new life in a foreign country, who travel abroad for a variety of purposes in the hope of earning higher wages, gaining better employment or to run away from the oppression faced by them in their home countries.

But do the dangers of illegal immigration justify the hope of landing into the dream destination of the kabutars? Let’s see what is the cost to be borne for such a dream to the UK?

  1. Squeeze yourself to be smuggled

Human smuggling is the illegal importation of people via ways that deliberately violate the laws of migration. In order to be smuggled to the UK, the migrants have to pay huge sums of money in the range of 10 to 15 lakhs to the human traffickers, travel in unclean and overcrowded trucks with no food or ventilation, and be drugged in order to avoid the digital scanners that measure the heat inside the containers. If caught during this stunt of smuggling, the migrants are imprisoned and deported.

  1. Embrace the donkey route

In order to land in the UK illegally, the migrants can’t take the normal route and are forced to go through the “donkey route” which goes through eight Asian and European countries to dodge the border police. They are compelled to travel in inhospitable terrain and war zones in the back of the containers like a herd of sheep and to pay the truckers and the people in this long chain of racket they have to beg, borrow and steel.

  1. Expose yourself to the darker risks

While traveling on the perilous journey to the UK, while being squashed in the containers, and while being drugged to be smuggled, the illegal immigrants face the imminent threat of rape, abuse, kidnappings, assault, robbery, and slavery which can take a severe physical and psychological toll on them and even though they land safely to the foreign land, they are in the process robbed of their dignity.

  1. Being a threat to national security

The shackles of illegal immigration to the UK pose a great threat to the national security of the foreign country and with the illegal aliens being charged for offenses related to drug or sex abuse, robbery and burglary, the UK authorities take these issues very harshly, imprisoning and deporting the offenders on slight evidence.

  1. Get exploited by the fellow British Indians

The migrants usually travel illegally in the hope that once they land in the UK, their troubles will be evaporated and they will be employed fairly and start earning high wages. But their arrival in the UK is the beginning of the vicious cycle of their being exploited by their fellow British Indians who hire them for meager wages as labourers’ as they risk a huge fine if they get caught.

Homeless, jobless, and hopeless they end up sleeping on the streets and picking trash from the garbage bins, and in such a state they are at the risk of being gobbled up by the underworld of crime and corruption.


The Ministry of Home Affairs of India has declined to sign on a bilateral agreement with the UK to facilitate the return of the illegal immigrants to India and in retaliation, the British government has excluded the Indian students from a list of countries offered easier visa norms. The treacherous journey and story of the illegal immigrants not only haunt us but also affects the relationship between the two countries.

Thus, to be saved from the vicious cycle and devilish tricks of the human traffickers it is always better to travel legally and in a dignified manner with visafy.me   

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