Top 10 attractions in Czech Republic

The beautiful Czech Republic is housed in Central Europe and provides the perfect experience to those interested in places of historical significance. Known for its breath-taking castles and other architectural designs, one other thing that attracts individuals to this country is its role in the World War.

 Further, when we talk about the flag of the country, it features the country’s national colors and is a symbol of Czech Republic’s history and culture. The colors white and red are the heraldic colors of Bohemia. The blue triangle was added to distinguish it from the flag of Poland and is said to represent the State of Moravia. Moreover, Czech Republic Time is in the Central European Time Zone which is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or as it is now referred to as Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

 Czech Republic has a number of airports dotting the country to make travel easier and more convenient for people.

  1. Prague- Ruzyne Airport

  2. Brno-Turany Airport

  3. Ostrava- Mosnov Airport

  4. Karlovy Vary Airport

  5. Pardubice Airport


If one wants to visit the country of Czech Republic, the country offers the following types of visas-

  1.  Airport transit visa- This visa enables you to pass through the international transit zone of Czech Republic and other Schengen countries while waiting for a connecting flight. But one is not allowed to leave the airport and enter the country.
  2. Short-term visa for stay up to 90 days- This visa can be used for purposes such as:

  • Tourism

  • Visiting a friend/relative

  • Culture

  • Sport

  • Study

  • Employment

  • Scientific Research

  • Business Journey

  • Official/Political Purpose


  1. Long-term visa- This visa allows one to stay in the country for more than 90 days and can be used for purposes of:

    • Employment

    • Entrepreneurship

    • Participation in a legal entity

    • Study

    • Scientific research

    • Family unification

    • Sport

    • Medical treatment

    • It can also be utilized for the purpose of staying in the country for more than 90 days to collect a long-term or permanent residence permit.

 Further, one needs to keep in mind the various documents that are required for the application of visa for Czech Republic. This includes downloading the application form and filling it out completely and sincerely with 2 recent passport-size photographs of the applicant attached, a copy of the passport and previous visas, a copy of the return ticket reservation, travel medical insurance, a cover letter stating the purpose of visit to the country, proof of accommodation, proof of civil status (marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, ration card if applicable) as well as a proof of sufficient financial means.

 Czech Republic is a beautiful country with great places that one can explore while traveling there. One is sure to get knowledge of the rich culture and heritage of the country with the places narrowed down in the list. One visit to these places and a lifetime of memories and scenic beauty to take along!

  1. St Vitus Cathedral 

St Vitus Church

Part of the Prague Castle, the cathedral was made in a Gothic tradition and later expanded and transformed to include some neo-gothic elements. Among its many attractive elements, the ones that mesmerize the tourists include the bronze doors, stained glass windows, and the Royal Mausoleum. Its beauty is beyond compare and one should definitely pay a visit to St Vitus Cathedral when in the country.

2.The Bohemian Paradise

The Bohemian Paradise

The area famous for its rock formations that protrude from the ground in various shapes and sizes in the form of spikes and pillars is among the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic. It attracts hikers and sight-seers from all around the world. Further, adding to its attraction, the place is dotted with a number of majestic castles. 

  1. Průhonice Park

Pruhonice Park

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a total area of 250 hectares. The park also includes gardens, wooded areas, streams, ponds as well as a long-stretched walking path. 

  1. Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge Prague

The Bridge links the Old and New towns of Prague and is lined with street artists and entertainers. One can also enjoy a scenic boat ride at the river and click beautiful and memorable pictures. 

  1. Dancing House

The un-symmetric masterpiece of a building is a curving modern office block that was constructed by architecture Frank Gehry. The building also has a restaurant on the top floor that offers delicious food and a great view of the surroundings.

  1. Old Town Hall

Old Town HallThe 14th century Old Town Hall is known for its beautiful architecture that is adorned by tourists. Moreover, it also houses an observation tower as well as an intricate astronomical tower that just adds to its beauty.

  1.  National Museum

National MuseumFor all the history lovers, Prague has the world-famous Nation Museum to keep one entertained. It was established in 1818 and holds a number of natural science and history exhibits as well as numerous other events.

  1. Hluboká Castle

A massive neo-gothic castle that is decorated with beautiful stained glass windows, fine interior woodwork, and elegant furnishings. Not only this, adding to its beauty the range of artworks it houses. Tourists love to come to the Castle to enjoy some old-fashioned aesthetic interior and take back a whole lot of knowledge of the castle’s history.

  1. Kampa Island

Kampa IslandThe island in the Vltava river is a sight to behold and gets numerous tourists every year. The Charles Bridge runs on the Northern end of the Island and is a common place to enjoy boating and for taking in the scenic beauty around. 

  1.   Old Jewish Cemetery

Old Jewish CemeteryThe Czech Republic is also dotted with a number of cemeteries, out of which the most well know of them is the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague. It is home to 12,000 tombstones and even more burials. 

 If visiting or staying in the country, one needs to keep handy few important numbers in cases of emergency.


  1. 112- Universal Emergency Number

  2. 155- Emergency Medical Service

  3. 150- Fire Service

  4. 158- Police of Czech Republic

  5. 156- Municipal Police


The Czech Republic is just the right place to come to be able to enjoy scenic views and good food. It is the perfect vacation spot with numerous places to visit. One, however, needs to keep in mind the various documents required while applying for a visa to the country as well as the emergency numbers once in the country.

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