7 Most Common Australia Student Visa Rejection Reasons

Common Australia Student Visa Rejection Reasons

It can be quite stressful for a student to receive a visa refusal from their destination country. While one might feel like its the end of the road, let us inform you that it’s not. An Australia student visa refusal is for the reason that the embassy found your profile unjustified for grant of student visa. And before you might start cursing out the officials, it is a good idea to first know why was your visa refused in the first case. In this post, we would be covering Australian student visa rejection reasons. So, let’s get started.

1. Inability to Meet the Educational Expenditures

You have to guarantee the visa offers that you are equipped for bearing the general costs required to seek education in Australia. This incorporates the education costs, living cost, travel cost, and different random costs expected to consider in a remote nation. If you neglect to give the supporting records required to show your capacity of managing the educational and living expense in a remote nation, odds are that your visa application would be dismissed.

2. Giving False Information

Visa officials anticipate that you should give right and correct data on yours and your family’s salary and sparing that you would use to showcase. This figure is crosschecked so as to guarantee that you have the ability to bear the educational and living expenses in Australia. If you give the bogus information, your visa has strong odds of being dismissed.

3. Study Visa Rejection History

The Australian authorities will study your past rejection history before granting you the study visa. These also include the past history of your visitor visa, work grant, trade guest visa, PR visa, and so forth.

4. Inability to Meet GTE

The Australian high commission assesses the visa application dependent on specific benchmarks labeled under the title ‘GTE Requirements. Your visa will be dismissed if you are unable to prove your ties back to your nation. And will put suspicion on whether you will return back to your own country once your purpose of visit gets over or not.

5. Candidate’s Travel History

The Australian High Commission will gauge the Statement of Purpose with the GTE necessities either by means of a telephonic meeting or by self-appraisal. In case that the mission statement doesn’t line up with the GTE necessities, your visa application can be dismissed.

6. Inability to Meet Budgetary Requirements

According to the DIBP, any person applying for the study visa ought to have the option to back his/her stay in Australia by showcasing the budget for it. The individual student ought to present the living and educational costs so that their visa application can be considered. According to the present rules, one must show the yearly cost of AU $19,830.

7. Fragmented or Mistakes in Documents

Documentation is significant with regard to applying for an Australian visa. You have to be careful while gathering and submitting the documents to the Australian high commission. Your visa application can be dismissed in case that you give bogus information in documents or you neglect to present some important documents. It is required that you re-check and re-verify your documentation before submitting your application.

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