Canada is Willing to Pay Top Dollar for Medical Professionals

If you work in the field of medical science, you know that your occupation is in high demand in almost all countries. But if you wish to immigrate to Canada, then you are in luck. Medical professionals are in high demand in Canada. They are willing to pay top dollar for various positions like nurses, physicians, doctors. There are thousands of healthcare jobs lying vacant in Canada.

What is the procedure for medical professional applications?

  • Medical professionals need to apply for a Canadian work visa before immigrating to Canada.
  • Medical professionals should have their medical credentials approved by the World Directory of Medical Schools.
  • They need the approval to practice by the provincial Medical Regulatory Authorities.
  • Please note that each province has its own Medical Regulatory Authority.
  • They need a licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada.

Which are the most popular provinces for medical professionals?

  • Quebec
  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Ontario
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • Nunavut
  • Northwest Territories
  • Yukon Territory
  • Nova Scotia

Which are the top immigration programs for medical professionals?

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Express Entry System
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Which are the medical professions that offer the highest salaries in Canada?

Below is a list of the medical professions that are in high demand in Canada along with the salaries offered.

Highest Salaries for Medical Professionals in Canada in 2019

Occupation Average Income per Year  (Canadian Dollars)
1. Anesthesiologist $298,801
2. General Practitioners $120,000
3. Pharmacist $104,000
4. Nurse Practitioner $104,000
5. Psychologist $104,000
6. Dentist $93,600
7. Veterinarian $86,674
8. Occupational Therapist $82,098
9. Dietician $76,960
10. Paramedic $68,640

How to apply for a medical professional work visa?

  1. Choose the appropriate work permit

You need to select the appropriate work permit. There are two options for this- Employer specific work permit and Openwork permit. The selection will depend on whether you have a job offer or not and which immigration program you chose for immigration.

  1. Meet the Eligibility Requirements
  • You need to prove that you will leave once your work permit expires
  • You should have enough funds to support you and your family members
  • You need a police clearance certificate for security reasons
  • You need a medical exam certificate to show that you are in good health.
  1. Meet the Additional Requirements
  • You need an IELTS certificate for English language skills.
  • You need to have a work experience certificate
  • You need an assessed medical degree listed on the World Directory of Medical Schools
  • You need assessed credentials by the Medical Council Of Canada
  • If you do not have the credentials, then you need to complete a one-year post-graduate program in a Canadian province.

Which are the immigration programs that medical professionals should apply through?

  1. Express Entry System

This program was launched in 2015 to simplify and speed up the immigration process. It caters to the highly skilled foreign applicants who wish to live and work in Canada. The applicants applying for a work visa through this program can apply for an open work permit. This system does not need candidates to have a Canadian job offer beforehand.

Please note that having a job offer can increase your Comprehensive Ranking (CRS) Score. This further increases your chances to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for a Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada.

  1. Provincial Nominee Program

This is a program of the specific provinces which target certain professionals according to their market needs.

The candidates who do not qualify for the Express Entry System can apply for this program. But you need a job offer and relevant work experience.

You should check whether your job title is listed in a particular province’s in-demand occupation list. This will increase your chances of a provincial nomination.

A provincial nomination awards you with 600 extra points in your CRS score. This further guarantees you to get an ITA for a permanent residency in Canada.


If you are a medical professional, then immigrating to Canada is a simple and easy process for you. Do follow the procedure that has been mentioned in detail above. You should know beforehand about which province you wish to live and work in. This will increase your chances of getting an ITA for permanent residency in Canada.

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