Queen’s Speech Confirms UK Visa Bill to End Free Movement

UK visa bill to end free movement

The UK is facing a crisis with its Brexit deal still pending. There are many questions and queries that remain unsolved. Will the Brexit deal take place? What happens if it doesn’t? Can the UK travelers enter the EU without a job offer after Brexit? What are the systems put in place to deal with the UK visa issues? Will there be free movement after Brexit?

The citizens of the UK are confused and this confusion only seems to be increasing. In this article, we will try and solve some of your queries. Read further to know about the situation after Brexit.

Will there be free movement after Brexit?

The United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the EU on October 31, 2019. The Queen gave a speech on 14 October 2019 which marked the State Opening of Parliament. She stated that a new UK visa and immigration bill will be introduced that will end free movement between the UK and EU, once we leave the EU.

She also said that a point-based immigration system will be put in place from 2021.

What about the European citizens?

The Queen stated that the European citizens who have built their lives in the UK and have contributed so much to its economy will have the right to remain. The government of the UK is working in this direction.

But the EU citizens will be subject to the same visa and immigration controls as the non-EU citizens from January 2021. The citizens of Ireland will be exempt from these conditions according to the new bill. There will be free movement with Ireland.

What does Australia have to do with this?

The point-based system that the UK plans to launch from 2021 is like the Australian immigration system. Apparently the Australian government has been advising the UK Home Office on how this system could operate.

How will the point-based system work?

A point-based system is a way of ranking and prioritizing applicants for work visas.

The points-based system works in Australia to attract the highly skilled workers who could add value to its economy and fill skill shortages.

Australia only wanted to invite younger applicants. One of the key categories of its immigration program is the factor of age. The country wanted applicants under the age of 50 years. Younger applicants get 30 points and those approaching the age of 50 get zero points. Being proficient in English is also a major category in the program. If you are able to read and write English to a satisfactory standard you get good points. If you have a superior grasp on English you get even more points. Under this system, your educational qualification and work experience matter a lot. Better qualified candidates are preferred.

What will the UK immigration system look like?

The Conservative party has time and again expressed its inclination towards the Australian immigration system. The Home Secretary Priti Patel has also made it clear that they plan to introduce an immigration system like Australia’s.

The UK government wants an immigration system that invites leading people in their fields to fill the skill shortages where they are needed the most. They want the system to work in the interest of Britain. They want a system that is under the control of the British government.

Why are the employers still confused?

Many employers have been left confused by this announcement. They said that the announcement was very vague. The UK already has a similar system in place under the Tier 2 category. They are in confusion about how the UK plans to go about its immigration system and what new changes will be brought about.

A clear indication is yet to be given by the authorities. This leaves the employs in a very unsafe place.

A restrictive point-based system might be put in place which requires all workers to be under the sponsorship of their employers and meet the point-based skills threshold. This system invites only a selected few to the UK. There are still doubts about whether such a system will ever be put in place due to UK politics and the general elections taking place in the coming weeks.

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