Top 10 Attractions In Germany

Germany is a Western European country with forests, rivers, mountain ranges as well as North Sea beaches. Berlin, the capital of the country is the hub of nightlife scenes and art and attracts people from all over the world to get lost in Germany’s history and culture.

There are some beautiful sights to enjoy in Germany once you have planned a trip to the country. Picking out 10 for our list was a grave task but the list includes the best locations that one needs to visit when in the country.

1. Berlin’s Brandenberg Gate

Built for King Fredrick William II in 1791, the Gate was the city’s first Neo-classical structure and measures an impressive 26 meters in height and includes the spectacular four-horse chariot perched atop. The structure is an artistic masterpiece with huge Doric columns to decorate the building on the two sides of the gate which was once used by toll-collectors and guards. It is surely something that cannot be left out from one’s tour!

top 10 attractions in germany

2. The Black Forest

The majestic forest with its dark and densely-wooded hills is one of the most visited upland regions in Europe. The place is known to be a hiker’s heaven with its descend in the Rhines crossed by lush valleys. Not only this the area has some of the best spa facilities of Baden-Baden, the attractive resort of Bad Leibenzell, Black Forest Railway, Black Forest Open Air Museum as well as Germany’s oldest ski-area at Todtnau.

Top 10 places to see in Germany

3. Miniatur Wunderland

In the Port of Hamburg, the majestic Miniatur Wunderland which is the world’s largest model railway is a place of immense tourist attraction. With about 12,000 meters of tracks laid down, the model incorporates 890 trains, 300,000 lights and in excess of 200,000 human figures to add to make the experience more real! This place also has an airport model where planes actually take of as well as one depicting a harbor!

Top 10 places to visit in Germany

4. The Berlin Wall

Built in 1961, the wall was the manifestation of the Cold War mentality that existed after World War II but was torn down in 1990. What remains of the wall today, includes some graffiti and reminders of a part of the place and the country as a whole. The area also has Berlin Wall Exhibition and Berlin Wall Memorial that are also huge tourist attractions.

Places to visit In Germany

5. Neuschwanstein Castle

The old town of Fussen is a popular alpine resort and winter sports center and a good base to explore the nearby castle of Neuschwanstein which is one of Europe’s most famous royal castles. It is also known as the Ultimate Fairytale Castle due to its beautiful and mesmerizing appearance. The theme was adopted by Walt Disney’s park castles and a number of tours are offered around the whole castle. One can also take a look at the Throne Room, the Singers’ Hall and climb on the top to witness the best view in the country!

Top 10 attractions in Germany

6. Cologne Cathedral

The Cathedral of St Peter and St Mary, on the banks of river Rhine, is Cologne’s most impressive sight. The Cathedral showcases high gothic architecture and is one of the largest ones in Europe. Not only this, the interior is even more breath-taking than the architecture with 12th and 13th century stained glass in the Three Kings Chapel and the Treasury with really precious objects.

10 places to see in germany

7. The Rhine Valley

Europe’s most important waterway and also the most beautiful is the Rhine Valley which stretches up-to 1,320 kilometers i.e from Switzerland through Germany all the way to the Netherlands. The stretch of river alongside Germany boasts of about 40 castles and many medieval towns and one can even take a river cruise to enjoy the amazing scenery!

Top 10 place to see in Germany

8. Museum Island

This place in Berlin lies between the River Spree and Kupfergraben (a 400 meters long canal off the river) and houses some of the oldest and most important museums. The heart of the place is the Old Museum which was constructed in 1830 to exhibit royal treasures. Other places of importance here include the New Museum, National Gallery, Bode Museum and Pergamon. One needs a whole day to roam and take in the whole of Museum Island!

Top 10 attractions in Germany

9. Sylt

Off the Northernmost coast of Germany are the Frisian Islands. Sylt is a very popular island that attracts immense tourist and local attention. It boats endless beaches, gorgeous sand dunes, and traditional lighthouses. One can take a short walk or also rent bicycles and indulge in various water activities on the beaches, having an altogether gala time! 

Top 10 places to go in Germany

10. Harz Mountains

One of the highest mountain ranges in Germany is the Harz range and is a scenic beauty with traditional homes, peaceful rivers, and snow-covered peaks. They are slightly off the beaten track but one must surely try to visit the Harz Mountains and nest in the very middle of nature. There are many activities that one can indulge themselves in like hiking or riding an authentic steam train through the mountains and valleys!

Top 10 places to see in Germany

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