Top 10 Places To Be At While In France

The country of France in Western Europe is a span of medieval cities, villages and Mediterranean beaches. Adding to its charm is its capital Paris that is known for its fashion houses, museums, cafes and mesmerizing monuments like the Eiffel Tower. The country is known for its sophisticated culture and art and one must surely visit it to dwell in its rich history!

Furthermore, there are some beautiful places that are housed in France and each one of them gives us a glance at the country’s rich culture and heritage. The best of the lot are listed below but the country has a whole is mesmerizing no matter what place you visit-

1. The Eiffel Tower

The top of the list is, of course, adorned by none other than The Eiffel Tower which is the symbol of Paris and is one of the world’s most famous landmarks. The tower is 320 meters high and provides a great view of the whole city as well as the Paris skyline. The Michelin-starred Jules Verne restaurant on the second level of the tower as well as beautiful cafes around the area have got the food aspect covered as well!

top 10 attractions in france

2. Louvre Museum

The former royal palace of French kings, the Louvre Museum is an example of the finest European collections of art. It is home to the best of Western civilization works including Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci. In total, the Louvre has a collection of 3,000 artworks and provides a rewarding experience to the tourist visiting for the first time or the local for the hundredth alike!top 10 places to see in france

3. Provence

A gorgeous landscape of olive groves, sun-drenched rolling hills, and purple lavender fields, the Provence with its vibrant scenery has inspired many artists. One can also take a casual stroll and enjoy the beauty around as well as the cafes nestled in the area. There are also villages and markets around the place—one just cannot miss out on it when in France!

places to visit in france 

4. Brittany

Brittany is a beautiful historic region with seaside scenery, quaint fishing villages, and seaports. Along with its ancient traditions, the area is also known for its costumed religious festivals. Tourists visit this place to enjoy the cuisine and take in the mesmerizing surroundings that including castles, remote islands as well as sandy 10 attractions in france

5. Disneyland

The world of Disney in Paris, France is the best a place can offer! With rollercoaster rides, jumpy castles, Disney parades, souvenir shops, live shows, golf courses and let’s not forget one can even meet Mickey and other Disney characters and get numerous pictures clicked with them! Disneyland is surely heaven on earth and with many hotels around the area, it makes accommodation all the more convenient! Do not forget to witness the World of Disney when you’re in France and capture the beautiful sights in your memory forever!10 places to visit in france

6. Camargue

Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Rhone River Delta, the Camargue is the largest river delta in Western Europe and attracts thousands of tourists! The birdlife in the area is something that is note-worthy with about 500 species including the Pink Flamingo. White horses roaming the marshlands can also be seen in the area!top places to visit in france

7. French Riviera

The Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France has heaps to offer to tourists who visit the area! The place not only has some beautiful beach resorts like Saint Tropez and Cannes as well as the independent microstate of Monaco, but the area is also full of amazing museums and street art all thanks to its charm due to which artists were drawn to the area. Today, it is a world-renowned holiday destination that is connected to various villages and towns!top 10 attraction in france

8. Mont Saint Michel

An island and mainland commune in Normandy, France with medieval walls and high towers around its base that just adds to its scenic charm! The place has an immense history significance being home to various pilgrimage centres, monasteries as well as a prison under Napoleon I. If one wants to know all about Mont Saint Michel, then they need to take out a whole day to tour the whole place and at the same time take their time to take in the beautiful surroundings!

attractions to visit in france

9. Palace of Versailles

More than being just a royal residence, Versailles was designed to show off the glory of the French monarchy. The Palace is renowned for its Hall of Mirrors, gardens with shrubberies and fountains as well as a make-believe pastoral village. If one is in France, the Palace of Versailles is a place that they just cannot miss out on!

 attractions to see in france 2019

10. Alsace Villages

The prettiest villages are housed in the hills of Alsace where the view is mind-blowing and the aura is one of relaxing. The villages include the mesmerizing Obernai, Bergheim, Colmar, and Equisheim among many others. The houses in the villages are pastel painted, half-timbered and are clustered around small parish churches. The lovely floral decorations and beautiful trails just add onto the charm of the place.

top attraction of france

France is a beautiful country and the experience of visiting it should not be missed at any cost. It will surely offer the best time if one visits with beautiful places like The Eiffel Tower, Louvre, aesthetic cafes, castles and other historical sights dotting the country. You have all the details you need to know, what are you waiting for?

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