Top 10 Attractions In Hungary

top 10 attractions in hungary

Hungary is a country in Central Europe and offers a variety of diverse destinations like low mountains in the North-west, the Great Plain in the East, lakes, and rivers of all sorts and many small villages dotting the country. It has a vivid culture and economy and one just simply cannot leave it off their bucket list. Here are 10 places that one just cannot miss out on to be able to get the full experience of the country.

1. Lake Balaton

The perfect place to relax in the resort and just have an altogether chill experience! Europe’s largest freshwater lake is Hungary’s most popular resort and is sometimes referred to as the “Hungarian Sea”. Some resorts here have created artificial sandy beaches while some beaches have grass on them. The place also has many castles, wineries and one can even enjoy a ferry round to get a whole feel of the place!
top places to see in hungary

2. Budapest

The brilliant capital of Hungary is considered to be the country’s most beautiful city. Some of the attractions of the city include the world’s largest thermal water system, the world’s second largest synagogue, and the world’s third largest Parliament building. There is a spectacular view of the Danube and it brings in memories of the Jews and World War II, serving immense historical significance.

places to visit in hungary

3. Eger

Located on the Eger River, the town just cannot be left off one’s travel list. Visitors get to enjoy the remnants of the Turkish invasion which also influenced the architecture of the area! A short distance from the town is the Valley of Beautiful Women which is known to produce Hungary’s best red wine known as ‘Bikaver’ or Bull’s Blood.

top 10 tourist places in hungary

4. Tihany

A tiny village located in the Lake Balaton region, Tihany has a rich history. Tihany is known for its Abbey where the first record of Hungarian language was found! The church in the area also witnesses many tourists throughout the year from all over the world!

tourist places in hungary

5. Lillafured

The Bukk Mountains are a majestic sight in the country. Lillafurd serves as the best base to visit the Bukk National Park. The Park has more than 1,000 caves, beautiful freshwater lakes, and thick woods ideal for hiking. Not only this, the Lillafured Waterfall is the highest in the whole country!

hungary tourist places

6. Sopron

One of the most historic places to visit in the country is Sopron! Each of the group of people who lived in the place be it Romans, Germans, Avars, Slavs, and Magyars left their mark on the culture as well as the architecture of the city! The inner town Belvaros is still absolutely charming and a delight to wander.

top 10 attractions to see in hungary

7. Pecs

A multicultural city where different ethnic groups co-exist happily, where refugees are welcomed with warm hearts—making it one of UNESCO’s Cities of Peace. The first university of Hungary was founded here in 1367. Pecs is also dotted with museums, medieval buildings and fine wine places that makes Pecs a popular travel destination.

hungary top tourist sites

8. Aggtelek National Park

About a 3-hour drive from Budapest, the park is home to the largest stalactic cave in Europe. Guided tours, geared to physical capabilities are also available. A special experience is listening to concerts inside Baradla. The park is a protected area and so parts are off-limits to tourists. The best place to experience flora and fauna first hand and get lost in the wild!

top 10 places in hungary to visit

9. Heviz

Does soaking in hot spring water relax you? Head to Heviz that is home to one of the largest thermal lakes in the world! Water temperature varies from 24 to 37 degrees making for a pleasant swim. It is located near Lake Balaton and is famous for its spas and beautiful resorts. You can also hike in the nearby forest or enjoy a food festival or outdoor concert. Heviz is indeed a popular year-round destination!

top places to see in hungary for tourists

10. Hortobagy National Park

Hungary’s first National Park established in 1973. The country’s largest protected area and Europe’s largest semi-natural grassland, Hortobagy National Park also houses a variety of animals like wild horses that lived on the steppe during Ice Age. Other animals include cattle, oxen and water buffalo still graze on the land. People also engage in bird watching in the tourist sites in hungary

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