Top 10 Attractions In Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a country in Europe that is predominately German-speaking. It is known for its medieval castles, alpine landscapes, and villages which are linked by a network of trails. It is a beautiful country to be in and one just cannot leave it out of their travel to-do list!

In Liechtenstein, there are many attractive places to visit so it was an altogether difficult task to compile the top 10 attractions to see in the country. We have, however, made a list and it includes-

1. Vaduz Castle

Locally known as the Schloss Vaduz, the castle is perched upon a small hill and can be seen from miles away. It was earlier built as a fortress and then got made into a castle when living arrangements were added in 1287 (almost a hundred years after it was built). After falling into disrepair, the castle was only rebuilt to its former glory in 1912 and now serves as the official residence of Prince Hans Adam 10 places in liechenstein

2. The Red House

Located in the capital city of Vaduz, the Red House is a large tower with stairs and living quarters. It can be easily spotted from a distance due to its location on a high mountain. The building has residents living inside and is owned by a Rheinberger family. Locals call it the Stadtle and it is a great place to pass time and click loads of pictures!

places to see in liechenstein

3. Historical Eschnerberg Trail

Liechtenstein is a paradise for those who love to hike and there are a number of trails to explore in the region. The Eschnerberg Trail is one of those many and one can explore the beauty of the place traveling through it. The historical trail connects the towns of Schellenberg and Bendern and offers a peek into the settlements of Malanser and 10 attractions in liechenstein

4. Prince of Liechtenstein Winery

If people in Liechtenstein want to get their hands on the best wine, all they have to do is head here because the principality makes some of the finest wine in the country. The Prince of Liechtenstein winery is open to the public and makes great quality wine. At this winery, guests are also allowed to taste samples and then purchase the wine of their tourist destinations in liechtenstein

5. Liechtenstein National Museum

While exploring Vaduz, this museum just cannot be missed out on! It is locally called Liechtenstein Landesmuseum and is owned by the state and houses some great attractions like the statue of Mars Von Gutenberg which was found while excavating the Gutenberg Hill in 1932. Other attractions in the museum include a relief model of Liechtenstein!liechtenstein top places to visit

6. Gutenberg Castle

One of the most beautiful attractions in Liechtenstein is Gutenberg Castle! Located in the southern-most part of the principality, the castle is completely free to visit and explore! One can easily reach the castle by road. Highlights inside the castle include the rose garden and the attractions in liechenstein

7. Museum of Fine Arts

Founded in 2000, the Kunstmuseum is the national art gallery and focuses on international contemporary art. It is housed in the eye-catching modernist black cube in central Vanduz—the collection has pieces from the 19th century up-to the present day. Artists featured include Rembrandt, Rubens, and Van tourist places in liechenstein

8. Postage Stamp Museum

Founded in 1930, one part of the Liechtenstein Museum is the Postage Stamp Museum and tells the story of the country’s postal service. The main attraction is the series of postal stamps issued by the Principality since 1912 including the original designs, test prints and needle plates as well as the postal equipment.

9. Eschen and Nendeln

Two small towns located on the lowlands of Liechtenstein. While Eschen is famous for the 14th-century art museum called Pfrundhaus, Nendeln is popular for housing the oldest craft shop of the country. Established in 1836, the Schadler Pottery is famous for its tiled stoves and crockery made stones. One can take a guided tour of the craft shop, the kiln, and the glazing area!

10. Triesenberg

Located just 6 kilometers away from Vaduz and known for its food festival, Triesenberg is a small village located in the middle of a beautiful valley. In the food festival that happens every year from October to November, local hotels and restaurants serve their best known traditional food items. Other than the festival, the village is also famous for small inns and chalets.

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