Top 10 Attractions In Finland

Top 10 Attractions in Finland

Finland is a country that needs to be marked down as the place that must be visited once in a lifetime. It has many beautiful places that offer great experience and knowledge of the country’s past. Finland is a beautiful Northern European nation. Its capital Helsinki is home to 18th-century sea fortresses, the Design District and various museums. Moreover, adding to the mesmerizing aspect of the country are the Northern Lights which can be seen from its Arctic Lapland Province that is a vast wilderness with national parks and ski resorts. Some of such places are jotted down in the list below and are the soul of the country of Finland.

1. Levi

The perfect place to feel the cold and play around in it. Levi is a ski resort that has heaps of snow and ski slopes. From a beginner to an expert skier, it is just the perfect place for all! You can roll around in the snow or have a hot coffee in the nearby restaurants, it’s surely an experience that will make you want winters all year long!

top places to visit in Finland

2. Sibelius Monument

In memory and to pay respect to John Sibelius who was a famous music composer, this monument horns together 600 hollow steel pipes that come together to form an organ. It is a sight to behold and represents Finland’s culture and history in its best. Many tourists come here to learn about the monument and the story that surrounds it as well as click pictures to mark the beautiful place in their memories forever!best places to visit in finland

3. Nuuksio National Park

The best place to witness wildlife as well as enjoy activities like camping, bicycling, horse-riding, hiking, and skiing. You can pick the activity of your choice or maybe just add onto the fun with your own games and plans with friends! This place moreover offers a great view and tourists love clicking scenic pictures here. top attractions in finland

4. Northern Lights

To watch the Northern Lights is a once in a lifetime experience and one just cannot simply miss the chance when in Finland! The best place to see the lights is from the Arctic Circle. Tourists as well as locals come to witness the Lights and the hotels here are packed between September and March when the skies are clear.

places to see in Finland

5. Kemi

The location best known for the iconic snow castles. The castle which is built yearly can be up-to 3 stories tall and also at times serves as a venue for weddings, live performances as well as other functions and leave the guests in awe of its beauty and charm. People can also stay here overnight and be a part of the whole experience. The place offers an incredible view and one can enjoy a great night life here! places to visit in finland

6. Turku

A great place to witness the culture and history of Finland and see some important landmarks of the country including the Turku Castle and the twin museums that tells a story about the rich history of the country and allows one to witness its past while in the present. It is a place that is a must visit and cannot be left out of your itinerary.

Best places to holiday in finland

7. Santa Claus Village

The Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi is like the Disneyland of Finland and it is a great place to visit. The amusement park has various places and activities to explore including Santa’s House of Snowmobiles, ice break cruise and fishing under water! The magic unveils here with ice restaurants, reindeer rides, igloo hotels, husky safaris and excursions, world class spas that offer a relaxing experience, the place is the whole package! finland tourist destinations

8. Helsinki

The beautiful capital city of Finland is dotted with modern buildings, lush landscapes, and an aura of the city and is the most famous tourist destination in the country. Take a ferry ride or visit the Market Square to do some shopping and get your hands on authentic things of the area. In Helsinki you are sure to find something of your interest!places to see in finland

9. Tampere

A huge urban area that hides the Finland architecture and culture within. It also houses the Natural History Museum and the Finnish Hockey Wall of Fame. Outdoor activities like skiing and hockey are also very popular here and can be something that one can interest themselves in while enjoying the mesmerizing surroundings and taking in the aura of the whole place!holiday places to visit in finland

10. Savonlinna

Housing the Olavinlinna Castle, this place is really famous among the tourists visiting the country! It hosts a ballet festival and an opera festival for enjoyment purposes and also has air theatres, museums, underground caves and galleries as well as many markets and restaurant where one can catch a break after a long day of roaming around the place and witnessing the best it has to offer! One just cannot miss out on Savonlinna when in Finland!

 top 10 attractions to see in finland

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